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20 Reasons To Invest in Belize

Although Belize is culturally diverse and many languages are spoken, there is no need to learn a new language to live, work, and invest here. Belize was a British colony for over 119 years and today it is the only English-speaking nation in Central America. Real estate contracts and road signs are in English and it is easy to communicate with healthcare professionals and government offices. School children are taught in English as well.

When living abroad, people want to be close to home. Getting to and from Belize from the US only takes a couple of hours from Miami, Dallas, & Houston. Daily flights are available via carriers like Southwest, American, United, and Delta. Direct flights are also available from Los Angeles, Newark, New Jersey, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, New York and Washington, D.C. Flights are also available from Canada, the UK, and Europe and even Panama.

A member of the British Commonwealth, the legal system and democratic government of Belize is based upon British Common Law. Belize is a peaceful country that is politically and economically stable.

Warm tropical weather is the norm in Belize with average temperatures of 80+ degrees F year round. The water temperature is equally impressive at 82 degrees F. When the rains come, it usually falls at night and showers typically stop as quickly as they start.

Cost of ownership is relatively low, property taxes are minuscule, Insurance is affordable and covers “all-perils”, tax on rental income is very low, there is no capital gains or inheritance tax, fee simple title is available, and there is no need for title insurance because title is guaranteed by the government.

While there are cheaper places to live in the world, few can rival the quality of life you can live in Belize for the price. Relative to other Caribbean destinations, the cost of living in Belize is low and very attractive to those that desire affordable retirement living in a tropical location.

Steady and consistent describes the Belize real estate market. No bubble here. Simply put those who have invested over the past 20 years have realize great returns on investment and the trend continues. That being said, there are plenty of cash flow plays available in addition to long and short term equity plays.

Many experts recommend owning hard assets like real estate in other countries as a hedge against the looming financial crises in the US.

Spend US dollars just like Belize dollars. Exchange rate is stable and pegged at $2 BZD to $1 USD. All real estate is priced in US dollars.

Financing, big hotel brands, international airport, infrastructure and more are in the works. Tourism is on the rise, more airlines and cruise ships
are coming, and the demand for overnight accommodations is increasing. There are no major franchises in the country and the baby boomers are retiring and moving as we speak. The labor force is abundant and affordable and business opportunities abound. Investment and development opportunities are plentiful and the entire country of Belize remains relatively undeveloped when compared to other Caribbean destinations.

Belize recently enacted a permanent ban on offshore oil exploration. Leonardo DiCaprio is developing the eco-friendly Blackadore Caye
island off the coast of Belize. Almost 40% of the entire country of Belize is protected habitat designated as world heritage sites, national parks, and marine reserves.

Belize is one of the least densely populated countries. It is the 4th lowest population density in the Western Hemisphere. With only 350,000 people in the entire country and only 22,000 on the island of Ambergris Caye, there is plenty of room for people to move here and for developers to stake their claim.

QRP – Belize is home to a large and diverse expat community of retirees with more joining the ranks everyday. You can retire in Belize at 45 and bring all your possessions in to the country tax free and enjoy many other financial incentives as part of the QRP.

Belize has been recognized as “Best Island in the World”, Best Island to Retire To, Best Island to Live On, and #1 Island in the World 2013, 2014 on Trip Advisor. The press generated by these 3rd party endorsements have helped spur the popularity of Belize as a retirement and vacation mecca. Investors and developers are rushing to meet the unmet demand for overnight accommodations.

Tourism is on the rise, More flights are coming to Belize, New Carriers offering new routes to Belize, Increasing cruise ship arrivals, New airports planned, Infrastructure projects, and appreciating real estate market, and more development all point to a bright future for those who invest in Belize.

The market has become increasingly unpredictable and alienated many investors. Many are pulling money out of the market and looking
for good investments elsewhere. This money is finding it’s way into Belize via real estate investment as well as business start ups. More is on the way

Living and working in Belize is amazing. The slower pace of life, relaxed attitude, and perpetually warm tropical weather allow for the ultimate “flip-
flop lifestyle”. People are friendly, activities are plentiful, and investment opportunityies abound.

Just 5 minutes from shore, you can scuba dive or snorkel the worlds second largest barrier reef. On the mainland, you can zip line or explore lush rain forests, visit the Jaguar preserve, explore ancient Mayan ruins, or go cave tubing. Back on Ambergris Caye, you can enjoy kayaking, parasailing,
paddle boarding, wind surfing, kite boarding, or sailing. Belize is also home to world class deep sea, reef, and fly fishing. There is no shortage of things
to do in Belize.

The government of Belize wants you to own a successful business that employs Belizeans. They offer competitive investment incentives, and an affordable, and productive labor force. Ownership and currency regulations that exist in other countries are absent in Belize. Companies may be
fully owned by foreigners.

No capital gains tax, No estate tax, 1.75% tax on real estate investment income and other incentives exist to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and capital to Belize.